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Audio Bijou is WIDR's movie news, reviews, and music show. Since 2002 and with generous partnership with the Kalmazoo 10 theater, Audio Bijou has brought to the airwaves a unique combination of insightful talk, distinctive music, and engaging entertainment not found anywhere else. It can be heard every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm on 89.1 WIDR.
Being a movie show, Audio Bijou picks its musical selections from the movies themselves, presenting a unique blend of music not heard anywhere else. Movie soundtracks provide a diversity unmatched, and the music ranges from week to week. WIDR is all about variety and the Audio Bijou has wider variety than anyone. Anything from the classic orchestration of such composers as Bernard Hermann, John Williams, or Jerry Goldsmith, to pop songs written especially for the movies by the likes of David Bowie, Ben Folds, T Bone Burnett, Marilyn Manson and many more, to the blend of pop and orchestra represented by the likes of Danny Elfman, to the tonal experimentation of Phillip Glass, you never know who or what you'll hear on the Audio Bijou, but it will always be entertaining, unique, and relevant.
Tuesdays are the days the official box office returns are reported and the Audio Bijou is your source to find out who really came out on top, who really bombed, and what the real numbers are. We not only report the box office, we put it in perspective. That, plus the latest in movie news fresh from the Hollywood hype machine to your ears.
Each week we profile the latest in the new releases to hit theaters the upcoming Friday and the DVD's hitting the shelves on Tuesday. From the widely released Hollywood hits to the limited run indie also rans, you can rest assured that if its coming out you'll hear about it on Audio Bijou with insightful projections to let you know all the buzz on all the newest films.
From the film afficianado to the movie going novice, everyone loves movie trivia and Audio Bijou's weekly Screen Test gives you the chance to prove your movie knowledge against some of the most entertaining and challenging movie trivia questions around. Always interesting even if you don't know the answer, Audio Bijou's Screen Test is the weekly nugget of knowledge that will fill your brain with all the stuff you never knew you never knew about the movies.

Not quite sure where to spend that hard earned entertainment dollar? Or already seen the movie and want to listen in on some of the most insightful criticism on the radio? Tune in to the Audio Bijou for weekly reviews of the major relaeses and go deeper than your average analysis. Our reviews are honest, in depth, and accessable. Our five thumb guide gives a quick and easy evaluation while our commentary gets to the real issues. Plus our round table discussion format ensures that a variety of tastes are heard from.



Five Thumbs Up: this movie is so good the rest of your life will be a let down.
Four Thumbs Up: stop whatever you're doing and go see this movie.
Three Thumbs Up: worth two hours of your life
Two Thumbs Up: it's a rental. maybe.
One Thumb Up: watch it only if it comes on TBS the superstation.
Zero Thumbs Up: gouge your eyes out so you never have to see this horrible dreck


The host of the Audio Bijou have rotated over the years, bringing a range of voices and backgrounds to the show's critical round table format. Our current hosts each bring a unique perspective with a background in various fields of the arts. From visual art to literature to video production, the Audio Bijou hosts are experienced and insightful.

Zack Page-Wood

Zack Page-Wood has degrees in both Art and Education and has worked as a freelance artist. As both an artist and an educator he has a strong interest in the pervasiveness of visual culture, including film, which he brings to each discipline. He has been writing and producing criticism on and off for over a decade as well as having been the creator of the comic strip "Maize."



Jaakan Page-Wood

Jaakan Page-Wood graduated from Michigan State University, where he was the head of the MSU Cinema Club, with a degree in Telecommunications with Film Emphasis. He is also the director and editor of the documentary "Swarm and Destroy." He has close ties to people working in some of the industry's top visual effects studios and himself has worked for over five years in television production.



Ben Stap

The newest voice in Audio Bijou's round table, Ben Stap has a background in literature and playwriting with an English degree from Western Michigan University. A former resident of Florida and Chicago, Ben brings a writer's scrutiny to his reviews.